Phonak/Unitron D-Dry Drying & Cleaning Light Kit

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A Dryer that Works with ANY hearing aid

The D-Dry Drying & Cleaning Light Kit is easy to use with two automatic programs: a standard 3 hour program for normal levels of moisture removal and a more intensive 6 hour program for high moisture situations such as humid environments, sporting activities etc. The device switches off automatically after the completion of the drying process.

Before both drying programs, the D-Dry will run an automatic 5 minute cycle of UV disinfecting to clean the hearing instrument. This automatically shuts-off if the lid is opened, for safety.

Drying: The D-Dry uses gently heated, well circulated air to gently dry moisture out of your hearing aids and earmoulds.

Cleaning: The UV-C light reduces the accumulation of germs and therefore the risk of skin infections in and around ear.

The D-Dry is also a useful place for storing your hearing aids overnight and when they are not in use.

The D-Dry requires mains power and is supplied with a MiniUSB lead and AU mains USB charging plug, allowing it to be powered either from a computer or from a standard AU power socket.

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Manufacturer's part number: 098-0083-00013

The Phonak/Unitron D-Dry Drying & Cleaning Light Kit is an efficient electric hearing aid drying and cleaning box with a UV-C light.

Regular use of the Phonak/Unitron D-Dry will help prevent the reduction in sound quality and unreliability associated with moisture in hearing aids. The addition of a UV light will also help prevent against infections and promote ear hygiene. Recommended for use daily.

Size: 150 x 72 x 41mm
Internal chamber size: 85 x 53 x 17mm

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