A common question we get is why are our prices so low?

It is completely reasonable to ask this as low prices are often equated to lower quality products or services.  The answer is a bit convoluted, but hopefully clear. 

Here are the reasons why our online prices are priced as competitively as they are:

We are a large independent retailer, so we receive good supplier discounts

As one of the largest independent Australian hearing aid retailers, we enjoy significant manufacturer discounts. This means we can pass these on to our clients, while keeping our business viable. The result is lower prices overall and has been key to our competitive pricing prior to this crisis. The prices shown online are however significantly lower than our normal pricing, so there is more to this than just good supplier discounts. 

We qualify for Jobkeeper, rental assistance and other support during COVID-19, so our overheads are much lower at the moment.

Lower overheads, means lower basic costs than need to be covered before a profit can be shown. A business exists to make a fair profit. Now that we are receiving significant government support to help keep us in business, it has dramatically changed the calculations needed to ensure a viable and profitable business. We have taken the reduced operating costs into account and calculated new pricing to reflect these lower costs. We pass this on to you, with the hope that we will see an increase in sales to help keep the business viable. 

We have adjusted our inclusions to fit in better with the current situation.

Our normal pricing was designed to offer 3 years of inclusions such as batteries, consumables, clinical services etc. So you essentially paid one higher price and had pretty much everything covered for three years. This was based on research, done in normal times, that showed that people with everything included did better overall than people who had to pay per visit. 

This makes perfect sense in normal times, but in times of uncertainty, it may not. 

That is why we have redesigned our pricing inclusions to match the uncertainty of the COVD-19 situation. 

We have reduced the 3 years of clinical service inclusions to 60 days, to match the full money back period. Who currently knows where anyone will be in three years?


We have changed the initial consultation from 120 minutes in clinic (which normally costs us around $600 in clinical time) into a free online test and 30 minute phone or video consultation. This is followed by a 45 minute in-clinic fitting (or even remote fitting with selected hearing aid brands). These changes save a significant amount of clinical costs, which we are able to pass on to you. 

We still offer at least a 3 year manufacturer warranty - Australian based and still actively remind you when it is time for a checkup as this is critical for optimal ongoing benefit. 

We also add one in clinic visit of 30 minutes that can be used at any time once the COVID-19 lockdowns have ceased. This allows us to recheck your hearing aid setup ensuring you have the best possible chance of ongoing success. 

You may then choose to pay for visits in clinic or remotely as needed or you may purchase a package, which includes two visits and consumables like batteries or filters up to and $80 value, for $250. 

The Result - Significant lower prices - for a limited time

Based on the above explanation, it should be clear that these sorts of prices aren’t likely to be around forever. Government has indicated that their business support during COVID-19 is only temporary. We will also be evaluating how these changes impact our clients, which may lead to further redesign and pricing changes as we monitor outcomes. For us, your optimal outcome is our primary concern. If we find anything that leads to less than optimal outcomes, we will change it.

Please note, we can only offer these prices if the online process is being followed along with the specific inclusions. In-clinic prices remain the same.