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NOTE: The quantity dropdown refers to the number of years you'd like to purchase this for. 

As an experienced hearing aid user, you clearly understand that your hearing aids need regular care, adjustments, and consumables to keep getting the very best out of them. 

Value Hearing includes aftercare depending on your choice with your hearing aid purchase from us. Depending on the duration of your included aftercare you might now have run out and may be wondering what your options are. 

Our Annual aftercare package has been created just for you. 

Included at no extra charge in this purchase, you will receive the following for a period of 12 months (1 year) from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated):

  • 2 x 30-minute consultations (Valued at $150 - may be used within 15 months of purchase date - we provide you 3 months of leeway)
  • Batteries discounted to $2.50 per packet of 6 cells
  • Domes, wax filters, and earmoulds discounted by 50%
  • Loan hearing aids for a period of up to 3 weeks when yours are away for repair (Style and model may differ from your original model, but well set these up optimally for you)
  • Additional clinical consultations - 10% off
  • Hearing Aid Accessories 5% off
  • Free over-the-counter, cleaning, support, and minor repairs (excl parts)
  • Hearing Aid receivers - 10% off

So you potentially receive hundreds of dollars of value for the price of 2 visits. The aftercare covers up to two hearing aids.

 Already have Active Aftercare?

Do have existing aftercare with Value Hearing, which has not yet expired?

No problem at all! Your new aftercare will simply start when your existing aftercare ends.



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