Most people immediately think of matching skin colour. Unfortunately, your skin colour changes constantly during the day depending on temperature, blood flow, emotions etc. Even getting a good holiday tan, will make a skin colour hearing aid stand out. 

The closest match to skin colour in hearing aids also tends to scream hearing aid, especially if the choice is beige!

A more discreet choice

We have found, after decades working with hearing aids, that matching the shaddow behind the ear tends to be more discreet. So start by considering your hair colour, then choose a shade darker. 

Alternatively, if you wear glasses, choose a colour of hearing aid closest to the colour of the arms of your glasses. 

Both these methods will deliver better results than matching skin colour. That is unless you don’t wear glasses and don’t have hair. 

A more obvious choice

Some people decide to flaunt their hearing aids rather than hide it. In that case pick, whatever colour takes your fancy. 

You’re not stuck

Note, that we will happily exchange your hearing aid for a hearing aid of another colour if you aren’t satisfied with your original choice. This needs to take place within the first 60 days of receiving your hearing aid.