Phonak Roger Select (2018)

$950 - each
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Phonak's Roger Select (2018) is a remote microphone that allows you to hear in the most challenging situations. The Roger Select can work with any hearing aid that has direct audio input (to attach the required Roger X receiver) or telecoil (to connect with the Roger MyLink)

It can be used in table mode, where it automatically picks up the loudest speaker around it. You also can also select a direction of hearing by simply touching the top of it, forcing it to focus in any combinations of directions at once. This device can improve hearing in noise far beyond what any hearing aid can achieve on its own. 

It streams the voices directly to your hearing aids via the receivers (Roger receiver or MyLInk). 

It also comes with attachments to use it as a pendant microphone, so you can pick up the voice of your partner directly in your hearing aids. 

Its charging dock doubles as a television transmitter and comes with an Optical Audio cable. SIf connected to your TV, it will transmit the sound from the TV directly into your ears, while charging.

It has a 6 hour battery life, but can be charged using the included charging cable while in use. It has a 50m range and can truly enhance your hearing in situations where your hearing aid stands no chance. 

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