Oticon OPN S 2 MiniRite-R rechargeable Hearing Aid incl charger

$2,700 - each $3,275
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The OPN S 2 - R by Oticon is one of the most advanced hearing aids available today. It processes the incomming signal at 1.2 billion operations per second, making it one of the most capable hearing aids on the market. Combined with the convenience of a rechargeable battery, this hearing aid is hard to beat. 

NOTE: Our pricing includes the charger, which is normally sold seperately. 

The OPN S 2 is an advanced level offering delivering sound quality and performance rivalling the best the industry can offer.  The OPN S 1 has been designed to deliver a very natural hearing experience, while cleaning up the signal in multiple channels to give a clear, comfortable sound. 

The OPN S 2 has world leading feedback prediction and elimination, meaning annoying hearign aids whistles are pretty much a ting of the past. This also means consistent hearing levels no matter how the environment changes. 

The Oticon OPN S 2 is made for iPhone and can stream phone calls and phone audio (music, videos, facetime etc.) directly into the hearing aids with no additional accessories required. 

This hearing aid uses a rechargeable Litium-Ion battery rated to last around 5 years. A single charge offers a full day of use. The battery can be replaced in clinic if it loses charge. The Battery comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. 

Optional accessories such as the Tv Adaptor 3.0 allows direct connection to your television for streaming sound, while the ConnectClip allows connection to non-iPhone phones. 

The Oticon smart phone app allows remote control of the hearing aids as well as remote adjustment by your audiologist via the internet .

 Note, Oticon OPN S cannot be initially programmed remotely. So we will need you to attend for a quick in clinic test before we can set this up for you, unless you have a recent copy of your results available. 


All follow-up visits are done via remote assistance. Once the COVID-19 crisis has passed you are welcome to attend a complimentary in-clinic visit to ensure you get the best possible benefit via Real Ear verification measures. 

 The Oticon OPN S 2 hearing aid comes with 60 day full money back guarantee, in the event that you are not happy with the results. 


Visit https://www.oticon.com.au/hearing-aid-users/hearing-aids/products/opn-s for more information.

The question of whether or not this hearing aid is for you, depends on your unique ability to hear speech in noise, determined once your hearing loss has been compensated for. There is a comprehensive article explaining this in much more detail here.  

We offer a free test here determine your ability to hear in noise which will help you decide.

  • Your choice of hearing aid colours to best suit your hair or skin colour. 
  • An in-person or telehealth consultation with an Australian audiologist to set up the hearing aid and ensure the best initial benefit,comfort and ease of use
  • A charger to top up the power in your hearing aids over night.
  • A carry case which includes a cleaning tool, spare domes and wax filter
  • A set of speaker wires to suit your ear size and hearing loss.
  • Up to 4 Remote Assistance appointments to fine tune your hearing aid and help you with any issues you might be having getting used to it. 
  • A final face to face visit, to be used at any time in the future to ensure the hearing aids are set up optimally for long term benefit
  • 3 Year Australian Manufacturer warranty. 
  • 60 day full money back guarantee.


Why are the prices so low?

During the Covid-19 crisis, in-clinic visits are becoming much less attractive to many of our clients. So we developed online models of hearing aid supply to help those still in need of hearing help, to access these services safely while saving costs and ensuring the optimal outcomes we have been known for. 

 We have suffered a downturn of over 50% since March 2020 and this has led us to reconsider our business model as well as our fixed expenses. We are proud to be Australian, as the government support packages are fantastic and together with our other overhead reduction strategies, has resulted in our ability to offer some of our hearing aids at never before seen prices. We were able to, at the same time, reconsider the traditional business model, which does not make much sense in a time like we find ourselves in right now. 

As a result we have redeveloped a hearing aid supply model that makes a lot more sense in a time of uncertainty and social isolation. 

The normal clinical process has lots of overheads in rent, clinic expenses, clinician time and more. Hence, why we cannot offer these prices in our clinics. 

By moving to an online model combined with the financial support provided by the Australian government to small business at this time, we found our overheads were effectively much lower, which means we can pass these savings on to you, while keeping our business afloat. 


How it works:

This exceptional pricing only applies to those people going through our online process as the traditional clinic process still costs a lot more to operate. 


Step 1: Find your best hearing aid solution online

We have a simple and quick online speech in noise test, which delivers a result that can show you exactly which hearing aid is most likely to deliver good results in quiet and in noise, without necessarily needing to go for the top of the range. You can take the test here from the comfort of your home or office.


Step 2: Undergo a virtual consultation with one of our audiologists

You will then need to book a phone or video call consultation with one of our experienced audiologists. Here we will explore your needs and expectations and ensure the option you are looking at is indeed your best option. They will also discuss the appropropriate next steps for your individual situation. 

You can book your free virtual consultation by clicking here.


Step 3: Purchase your option online

Visit https://shop.valuehearing.com.au/collections/hearing-enhancement to complete your purchase. Our audiologist will give you the exact model and shop link to purchase. 


Step 4: Attend an in person or virtual fitting appointment

Based on your discussion with an audiologist in step 2, you will attend a brief in-clinic appointment or a virtual appointment to get your hearing aids set up appropriately. 


Step 5: Attend virtual follow-up appointment/s

We will book another virtual appointment about two weeks later, or earlier at your request, to make adjustments to your hearing aid/s via a remote appointment app (supplied free of charge) on your smartphone. If deemed necessary, we can arrange further appointments to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing solution. 


Step 6. A final in clinic appointment

If required, we will book a final in clinic appointment, where the clinician can check and verify your fitting is optimal, using our in-clinic tools and equipment, for optimal ongoing success. We will typically book this once the crisis has passed or earlier if you prefer. 




  • All the appointments mentioned above are included in the listed price of the hearing aids. 
  • Products are ordered from the Australian distributor once you have purchased them from our online shop. It normally takes a couple of days to reach us, depending on stock. We will notify you if there are any unexpected delays.
  • You may return the hearing aids to us, at your expense, at any time within 60 days of receiving them, for a full refund as long as they are in as new condition and in their complete original packaging. We do not accept responsibility for any hearing aids lost in the post prior to reaching us. 
  • These prices are ONLY available using this online process as the overheads associated with this is lower than an in clinic model. 
  • This pricing will not last as overheads will be increasing as the crisis passes. We retain the right to increase the pricing at any time. So get in early if you like the prices you see.
  • The pricing only includes domes for the in ear fitting. If you require earmoulds this will cost $100 per ear extra, due to the clinical time required to take impressions and the additional cost incurred. Titanium shells from Phonak cost $200 per ear extra. 

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