2021 Hearing Aid Buyers Companion - Complete PDF edition

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Are you looking for your first set of hearing aids?

or are you simply looking to upgrade your existing set?

(This exact same book is available as a softcover book or kindle edition on Amazon as well at $11.99 and $21.99 respectively) 

There are literally hundreds of hearing aid models on the market today as well as hundreds of different clinics where you can get hearing aids from.  Having this much choice is great on one side, but on the other side can be extremely confusing. 

You may have heard some stories about friends or friends of friends having less than optimal outcomes with hearing aids, which may have cost them thousands of dollars. You may even have experienced that first hand (I am sorry if you did) 

Unfortunately, some of these stories are true. 

This book has been written and revised over 7 years to help you navigate a very confusing industry like an expert. It uses simple to understand concepts and terms and sets out clear steps you can follow on your journey to better hearing.

Using the information in this guide will give you the best chance of finding a hearing solution that works for you, from a skilled professional that cares about you, at a fair price. 

We're so confident, that you'll find the information helpful, that we're happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Simply let us know what you hoped to get out of it and why the book has failed you and we'll refund you in full.  This offer only applies to orders from this page. 

This is a digital download. To receive your copy simply complete the transaction 

Here is what others had to say about the last edition:

"I found your guide very informative and helpful in assisting me and it confirmed the assistance I am receiving is top quality.  Many thanks!" - Lindsay

"I have perused the chapters of most interest to me and I like the practical advice and I have noted several things that I will take into account if I decide to proceed with purchasing some new aids." - Tony

"Thank you very much for a very enlightening and interesting read. I found the book very informative." - Harold

 "I am finding the book most interesting, a pity that I had not seen it before I started out on this expedition. However, it had given me insight into what to do from my coming up fitting appointment. Thank you" - Roger



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