Most people are able to manage hearing aids easily after a little instruction. We have created a series of videos to assist you with the basics of hearing aid use and care. 

We also use video calling when setting up the hearing aids as well as at follow-up appointments. This way we can see how you are managing and help you by showing you where you can improve. You are not alone. 

When it might be an issue

There are however situations where hearing aids via telehealth are not suitable. These are listed below: 

  • If you suffer significant visual impairment without someone to help you manage the hearing aids. 
  • If you suffer significant memory loss
  • If you have very poor dexterity
  • You don’t have access to internet and/or a Smartphone in order to have access to the telehealth services

In cases like those listed above, you are probably better off seeing an audiologist in clinic for all your appointments.