We have included everything you need to get you off to a great start. 

There are however several ways hearing aids are priced in Australia, which can affect pricing. We discuss this in detail in this article.

Our online offer is what we call an unbundled offer. 

Unbundled means, you only get the hearing aids, without any included services like fitting and follow-ups included. You have to pay for everything separately, which means you could end up spending more than expected. 

Partially unbundled, means you receive the hearing aids, testing, fitting and follow-ups, but long term ongoing support is separate. So we include everything you need to get going and support you at no extra charge for the first 60 days. If you need anything after that, you can choose to pay for that separately as required. This is what our Online Fit and Follow-up option gives you. 

Fully bundled services often include the hearing aids, fitting, follow-ups and a number of years of clinic visits, all paid upfront. The time period of support can vary between one and five years. This is what we offer with our one and three year service options. 

Our online pricing also does not include the cost of earmoulds as this requires additional clinical time and costs. Earmoulds cost $100 per ear extra. Titanium shells from Phonak costs $200 per ear extra.