Our basic Hearing aid pricing is unbundled. 
      Our hearing aids do include the following:

  • Your choice of hearing aid colours to best suit your hair or skin colour. 
  • A charger to top up the power in your hearing aids over night or if you have selected a hearing aid operating with disposable batteries, a number of batteries, sufficient to last you 3 months. 
  • A carry case which includes a cleaning tool, spare domes and wax filters
  • A set of speaker wires to suit your ear size and hearing loss.
  • 3 Year Australian Manufacturer warranty. 
  • 60 day full money back guarantee.
    Being unbundled means you are empower to choose.
    You have the option of choosing a service package with your hearing aids. Each service package includes a number of services depending on your need for clinical support.
    You may also choose to have the hearing aids fitted by your local audiologist and pay for services as needed. Please make sure that you have their address for delivery of the hearing aids and that they have agreed to fit these to you for an agreed fee. 
    Below you'll find an explanation of our different service packages:

Pay as you Go (PAYG)


    • No services included in this
    • We cannot send the hearing aids to you directly without a letter from your hearing care professional, agreeing that they will be fitting these to you
    • We can also send the hearing aids directly to the audiologist of your choice once you've provided us with their details. We'll require a note from them indicating their willingness to fit this to you.  

Online Fitting and Follow-up


  • Assessment, either in clinic or via the hearing aids using a video call app (included). Note: Oticon requires a face to face in clinic consultation
  • The fitting and setup of the hearing aid to your ears and hearing loss - in person or via video call
  • Unlimited follow-up appointments within the first 60 days that can either be virtually via the video call app or in person in one of our clinics


1 Year of clinical services

Includes Everything in Online fitting and follow-ups plus:

  • 1 year of unlimited consultations valued at $150 per 30 minute appointment. 
  • The option to exchange the aid and not pay for the additional time required. 
  • Loan aids, provided with an in clinic visit if yours need servicing in the first year


3 Year of Clinical services

Includes Everything in the one year package, but over a period of 3 years.