Yes, we employ mainly audiologists, but also have a couple of highly skilled Audiometrists on our team. 

All of the hearing aids sold online are fitted in a face to face encounter, whether it is done in-clinic, during a minimal contact visit or via a video call using the free Hearing aid app (Telehealth). 

We will also perform real ear measurements if the hearing aid is fitted in-clinic. We may choose to perform Real Ear Measurements at a later date, once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, if there are any concerns re COVID-19 as it is a high contact procedure. 

Whether we fitted you in clinic or via telehealth we include a free in person consultation at any date in the future, where issues can be addressed directly with a hearing care professional at one of our clinic locations

This way you can enjoy improved hearing now and we can optimise the fitting at a later date, when safe to do so, using the free included in person consultation. 

NOTE: Telehealth fitting requires hearing test results with some models. Only Widex and Phonak models allow for testing via the hearing aid directly.